Accueil Vidéos 1st Tunisian Startup Forum in Dubai

1st Tunisian Startup Forum in Dubai


10 Tunisian startups will be pitching to top performing Middle East based Venture Capitals including (MEVP, Jabbar Group, Wamda Capital, Venture Souq and others ,,,,)

During the event Mr. Ali Mnif will be delivering a key note presentation on the Tunisian Startup ACT then moving to moderate a panel discussion debating the potential investment opportunities in the Tunisian Startups Ecosystem.

The main objectives of the forum are to:

  • Connect Middle East based VCs and investment funds to top performing Tunisian startups.
  • Expose potential investment opportunities through startups pitches and presentations.
  • Update VCs about the latest startup investment laws (The Tunisian Startup Act) and regulations in Tunisia and debate them.
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